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      A message from national chairman MD Alam

Message from MD Alam:

I am so anxious and concerned about Kansas City?s Crime, Violence, Shooting and Killing. Kansas City is one of the biggest and largest 22nd Cities in the USA however according to the FBI record we ranked top 8th for Homicides. Citizens are moving out of the metropolitan area and over the years we been losing our valuable taxpayers.

School Districts been shutting down schools, high schoolars are dropping out instead of graduating, big companies and industries are cutting down jobs and safety and security is a major concerned of every single citizen. We have to do something to educate our citizen and needs to involve our parents in that process that we may be able to educate our youth community. Most of the Gas Stations and Convenient stores are facing most of the challenges by losing their employ?s lives due to the robbery and killing during the robbery. City need more Law enforcement officers.

Over period of time south Kansas City been neglected for about last 10 years. None of the biggest projects been approved in the south core of the city. Namely the Bannister project has been a black history and the opportunity of Wizards Stadium was a great deal however our administration along with the politicians we lost the bid. Now days it is just a matter of blaming each other. Trust me, former Bannister mall area is nothing bout a Ghost Town. The well known Benjamin Ranch along with the Wall-Mart and other business been moved out. The new Fire Department, the Transformed Barber and Cosmetology Academy of Derrick Kindle are namely few business that are just doing a great job on the Hill-Crest Rd area. Mr. Austin of Austin Living and Trust is leading a great push for the development of Three Trails. We need better and effective Communication and Transportation of Light Rail Road which will benefit our citizen and will raise our property values and will make our south-north Rail-Road communication better.

We need to build a crime free city. We have to be involved right now to make Kansas City, MO a safer city and I MD Alam am pledging 100% of my effort to make Kansas City a city where we can live with peace, harmony and justice. Please Vote for me and give me a chance that I am so grateful to all of you. I have proudly served the country and a proud Veteran of ?Operation Iraqi Freedom? and now I am ready to serve you.

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