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MD Alam for United States Senate in 2016.

Posted by MD Rabbi Alam on February 3, 2013 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

#Alam4Senate - MD Alam for United States Senate - 2016:

MD Rabbi Alam ( is a United States Senate Candidate for 2016.

MD Rabbi Alam is the Founder of AMPAC and he is leading a "Million Muslim March ( on 9/11/2013 for establishing Humanity and Justice through a historic Civil Rights Movement for Muslim Americans aligning with rest of Americans to enacted laws wich will protect rights by the goverment and consitutions.

MD Rabbi Alam (born November 20, 1974 in Khulna, Bangladesh) was a 2012 candidate for Missouri Secretary of State. He was defeated in the primary election by State Rep. Jason Kander.[1]

He was a 2010 Democratic candidate for District 50 of the Missouri House of Representatives.


MD Alam was born and raised in Bangladesh. After graduating high school, Alam attended the Bangladesh National University and earned his degree in Biology in 1996. His father, a veterinary surgeon, worked for the Bangladeshi government for 20 years. Inspired by his father's example, he decided to get involved in politics as a young adult. His experiences as a politically active student led him to pursue a second bachelor's degree, this time in political science. He spent three years following University teaching science in a High School and at a Divisional Police School in his hometown of Khulna. Alam began law school in 1997 but had to quit after one year when he realized he could not balance school with his political and teaching duties. In 1999 MD Alam went back to school to finish up is master's degree in Biology.

He moved to the United States in 2000 and joined the U.S. Army. He was on active duty for 6 years, and spent a portion of that time stationed in Germany. Alam was assigned to Logistical Operations and Supply Chain Operations for Air Defense Artillary. He finished his Army service as a Sergeant in 2005. He worked at the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City, and the Imagine Renaissance Academy, where he taught algebra, calculus, and personal finance. Alam was the Director of International Business for P/Strada for one year before taking the post of CEO of Minority Directed Small Business in 2007. Since then, he has served as CEO for MDSB Providing Senior Ledaership in Business Corporation.

Alam is part of the North American Bangladeshi Association for Bangladesh (NABAB) and is the Chairman for the US National Democratic Party Asian-American Caucus.



◦Khulna Zilla School

◦Bachelor's degree in Biology, National University

◦Bachelor's degree in Political Science, National University

◦Master's degree in Computer Information System, University of Phoenix

◦Master's degree in Mathematics Education, University of Missouri-Kansas City

◦Teacher Certification, Secondary Mathematics

◦Doctoral Student (PHD in Educational Computing) at the Department of Learning Technology in the School of Imformation of University of North Texas


Professional Activity

• Online Radio Talk Show Host - Radio Bangla USA. "Ajker Desh Agamir Projonmo / Today's Nation Future Generations":, Facebook:!/pages/Radio-Bangla-USA/298553446918142

• Internet Television Talk Show Host - Bangla TV USA.


• Facebook:

• Twitter:


Experioence and Job:

•CEO - Minority Directed Small Business: 2007- Present

•High School Mathematics Teacher - Khulna Udyan Police School, Bangladesh:

•Logistical Operation and Supply Sergeant: United States Army, Veteran of Iraqi War, Honorably Discharged

•Director of Operations - P/Strada LLC, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

•High School Mathematics Teacher - Islamic School of Gretaer Kansas City, Missouri, USA

•High School Mathematics Teacher - Imagine School of Environmental Science and Math of Kansas City, Missouri, USA

•High School Teaching (Sub) Staff - Derrick Thomas Academy, Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Political Career

In 2007, Alam founded the Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (MDPAAC), which now includes 11 county chapters. In 2009, he became the National Chairman of US National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus, and was the Chair of first National Convention of National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus in 2011. He serves as the Democratic Party Committeeman of the 26 ward, having run unopposed in 2010. His term as committeeman will expire in 2012.

Alam first ran for major office in 2010 as a Democratic candidate representing District 50 in the Missouri House of Representatives. He lost in the primary election on August 3, 2010.[2]

On March 6, 2012, Alam filed with the secretary of state for the 2012 election, seeking the post of Secretary of State of Missouri from which the current officeholder, Robin Carnahan, will retire this year


MD Alam meets the DNC Chairman Time Kaine

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Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus Chairman MD Alam meets the DNC Chairman Time Kaine

Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (MDPAAC) Chairman MD Alam meets with the DNC Chairman Time Kaine:

Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (MDPAAC) Chairman MD Alam meets with the DNC Chairman Tim Kaine on Feb 26, 2011 in the DNC Winter Meeting takes place in the Waldman Park Marriot in Washington D.C. The 2011 DNC Winter Meeting held on Feb 24, 25 & 26 of 2011. The Picture was taken on Feb 25’ 2011.

Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus attended the DNC Winter Meeting of 2011. Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine spoke at the meeting as the Key note speaker. The 3 day’s DNC Winter Meeting has a significant to prepare democrats nation-wide for 2012 DNC Convention and the 2012 Presidential Election. DNC Vice Chairman Mike Honda, Donna Brazile, and all the national committeemen and committeewomen along with the state Part Executives attended the meeting. MD Alam, Dr. Abdul Akram, Maqsood Choudhry and Salman Iqbal attended the DNC General meeting, the National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Council (NDECC) Meeting and the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) meeting.

The AAPI Caucus Meeting took place on Feb 24th and the NDECC Meeting took place on the Feb 25th of 2011. Dr. James Zogby chaired the NDECC Meeting and Bell Long-Hong Chaired the AAPI Caucus Meeting. MDPAAC Chairman MD Alam, MDPAAC Vice Chairman Dr Abdul Akram, MDPAAC Campaign Coordinator Maqsood Choudhry, and NDPAAC Maryland Chapter’s Coordinator Salman Iqbal attended both NDECC and AAPI Caucus Meeting and the General Meeting which took place on the Feb 26.

After attending the NDECC Meeting MD Alam and Dr Abdul Akram met with Tim Kaine and other elected official for discussing issues and most common key factors that is influential to the Asian American Communities specially to the Ethnic Communities and have a successful National Convention for National Democratic Asian American Caucus (NDPAAC) which has possible been scheduled in November of 2011.

Tim Kaine advised MD Alam and Dr. Abdul Akram to keep up the efforts to bring new voters to pool that will help Democrats to win in the 2012 Election from State of Missouri. MDPAAC Chairman MD Alam highly spoke about the USNDPAAC and its 50 states incorporation as well as the 2012 US Presidential Election and Obama's race. MD Alam believes with the voting empowerment of Asian American Caucus Missourians will have victory in 2012 Obama’s Presidential race. In the National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Committee Meeting MD Alam spoke about some ongoing issues and some suggestions how to reach out the communities of Continent of Asian region including middle-eastern Countries. Dr. James Zogby Ethnic Coordinating Committee Chair discussed on the DNC resolution passed on implementing state party ethnic councils as well as out reaching the Ethnic Communities. Dr. Zogby spoke about the inclusion of 5 addition states to the previous 3 states efforts of Ethnic Council Movement.

Dr. Abdul Akram spoke about reaching the Asian American Delegates and voters as well as. Dr. Akram highly spoke about the Un-Represented Ethnic Communities and the DNC Convention and the Delegation process. MD Alam invites all the Asian American Communities as well as the Ethnic Communities to be actively involved in the political process and be a concerned citizen by giving back to the nation’s crisis moment. MD Alam and Dr. Abdul Akram both focused on the USNDPAAC’s National Convention and are ready to have a successful Convention. On Feb 25’ 2011 MD Alam and Dr. Abdul Akram along with Maqsood Choudhry and Salman Iqbal attended a special “White House Briefings at the White House Conference Center. On the 25th evening MD Alam and rest of the leaderships of MDPAAC met with Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley and discuss how to reach out the Asian American as well as all the ethnic Communities in the states of Maryland. Governor O’Malley spoke to the group and suggested MD Alam to keep up the Asian American Caucus movement in a great capacity.

Why Shuld You Vote for MD Alam?

Posted by MD Rabbi Alam on February 3, 2011 at 2:18 AM Comments comments (1)

There are great many reasons that should make you Voting for MD Alam ( in the Feb 22nd 2011 Municipal Primary Election. MD Alam has been a great grassroot leader in Kansas City. Here is a brief info about MD Alam's Community based activities and involvement. Soon after MD's friend Tony Singh ( killed in a robbery accident in South Kansas City in a local convienent store (7-11) on March 17' 2010, MD Alam been working hard to establish the Lagecy of his friend Tony Singh. It was not just the Lagecy of Tony Singh, but the movement to make the convienent stores working environment safer. MD Alam demand to the busniess community to increase the safety and security of the employees especially during the night shift hours. The push MD Alam made is known by Tony Singh Bill. MD Alam and his grassroot team are able to collect about 40,000 signature state-wide. MD Alam is working hard and calling Townhall meeting after Townhall Meeting. MD Alam has gained a momentum to creating a safe community by influencing the concern citizen. Find out more about "Tony Singh Bill" by visiting this web site:  


MD Alam is also involved an Anti-Crime Movement which is called Kansas City Standing Against Crime ( and creating awareness to the citizens. MD Alam is helping the community to educate about the safety and security of citiens. According to the FBI reports Kansas City has a one of the top 8 highest rate for homiecides, in about every 50-55 hours at least one person got shoot and killed in 2010. It is a matter of fact that Kansas City need especial attention to make it as saffer city. MD's involvement of community activities was a great tool for him to gain community based support to run for this city council election. MD Alam been meeting with community leaders, politicians, elected officials including the City Mayor, Council Members, County Legislatures, States Legislatures including Governot Jay Nixon. It is noted that MD Alam met with Missouri Attorney General to discuss the Safety and security issues. MD Alam met with both of the senators several time to discuss the issues. MD alam and his team members visited Governor's office several time. Many politicians, elected officials and community leaderships attended several Townhall meeting hosted by MD Alam to discuss crime, violence and homicides. All these Townhall meetings been aired by local Television and KC Star. Please see bellow for some of the link of the local TV news that broadcasted MD Alam's Townhall meeting.


MD Alam is also working on the Economic Development of Bannister area. The movement MD Alam is pushing for Bannister mall area is known by "Bring Back bannister - A Project of MD Alam" which you may find here . MD Alam been meeting with local  groups especially the South Kansas City Chamber of Commarce, Austin Living Trust, Three Trails Development, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, MDPAAC Business Community Association, Asian American Caucus, MAS (Muslims American Association), and many neighborhood association.


MD Alam has served in the US Army and a Vetearn of Iraq War. MD Alam is a high school Mathematics teacher who is giving back to the community. As always MD Alam says, I have served the Country Proudly, and now I am reday to serve the Community, Serve the City and Serve You.


Facebook Movement of MD Alam:!/pages/Tony-Singh-Bill/121312257889899


A Facebook Movement after Nick Dutcher No 62 Homicides in Kansas City: created my MD Alam:!/group.php?gid=139925379361253



Some Local TV Link for MD Alam's Town Hall Meeting and "Tony Singh Bill" - - Town Hall Meeting,0,3849161.story - Townhall Meeting - Town Hall Meeting - NBC Action News - Mar 20 2010 Day Tony was Murdered = Town Hall Meeting NBC Action News




Bottom Line: Please see how MD Alam is working hard to raise the Crime Issues. So Please Vote for MD Alam and Elect his as the City Council man of Kansas City from the 6th District At-Large.